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I am currently a senior scientist at Takeda Pharmaceuticals working on early discovery for innate cell therapies. I work on developing novel screening methods to rapidly test CAR and armoring strategies in both cord blood-derived NK cells (CB-NK) and gamma delta T cells (gdT).

Previously, I worked on NK cell engagers at Dragonfly Therapeutics. At Dragonfly, I worked in the biologics group to develop high throughput functional assays to test the function of novel bispecific antibodies as part of antibody discovery campaigns. Before Dragonfly, I worked at Synlife bio where I developed cell-based assays to test novel liposomal drug candidates.

Prior to Synlife, I was a PhD student in the lab of Richard Hynes in the Koch Institute at MIT. During my PhD, I pioneered the use of zebrafish (both adults and embryos) in the Hynes lab as platforms for imaging the metastatic site in real time in a living animal. During my time there, I discovered that YAP allows tumor cells to travel through the first capillary bed encountered to disseminate more widely throughout the animal.


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PhD Projects
Intravital Imaging of Metastasis in Adult Zebrafish
Studying The Role of YAP During Metastasis
The Role of Neutrophils During Tumor Cell Extravasation
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