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I recently completed my PhD in the lab of Richard Hynes in the Koch Institute at MIT. During my PhD, I pioneered the use of zebrafish (both adults and embryos) in my lab as platforms for imaging the metastatic site in real time in a living animal. In my most recent project, I discovered that YAP allows tumor cells to travel through the first capillary bed encountered to disseminate more widely throughout the animal.


In the Hynes lab, I previously developed injection and imaging protocols for intravital imaging the metastatic site in adult zebrafish. I also collaborated with the Kamm lab to study the interactions between neutrophils and tumor cells trapped in the vasculature in metastatic organs. Click on the project links below for more information.


 I hope to transition to industry where I can apply my talents to projects with more direct benefit for patients. Please click the link below to get in touch.

Intravital Imaging of Metastasis in Adult Zebrafish
Studying The Role of YAP During Metastasis
The Role of Neutrophils During Tumor Cell Extravasation
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